Preferred methods of cash deposits for online poker

When you play online poker, you have to deposit the money online as well. This is one of the advantages that the poker players enjoy. You do not have to walk into any banks or other financial institutions. Rather, you have the payment option available at your fingertip. When you make the online payments, you are also eligible for many monetary benefits that the poker boards offer apk poker online.

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There many ways of doing the online transaction for online poker. You just have to make sure that the method that you choose is safe and reliable. When you do deposits online you are not free from the bank formalities. A good anti-virus is all you need to protect your money from theft. Today we are going to discuss the online transaction methods that are accessible for online poker.


  • Internet banking – Internet banking is the direct transfer of money from your bank to the online poker sites. This makes the transaction secure. It is an electronic instant transaction. You just need a user ID and the password and you are good to go. The bank, however, charges you for the money transfer. It is the convenience fee that they charge and the amount differs from bank to bank.


  • Credit cards – Making cash deposits with credit cards is one of the popular ways in the poker world. However, there are some gray area poker sites which don’t allow credit card as an option. Hence, you need to check the poker site’s rules and regulations and then make the payment. The transaction is quick and easy if done with credit cards. The fee levied for the transaction is higher than the other methods. Visa and Master Cards are widely accepted across the globe.


  • Debit cards – Maestro, Delta, and Visa Electron are few debit cards that are generally used to make online deposits. Every poker site accepts a debit card. It is more similar to the bank transaction. The money gets deducted from your debit card and credited to the poker account. You need to give out the card number and the CVV code details to execute the transaction. There are no surcharges when you do the online deposit using debit cards. So that makes it a preferred mode of payment for the poker players.


  • Digital wallets – There are some online payment services available which utilizes the digital wallet for the transactions. When you sign-up for these online services, they create a digital wallet for you and can deposit cash in it. It is incredibly easy to make deposits online using the wallet. The plus point of using the digital wallet is that you don’t have to disclose your card or banking information. The fee charged for the transaction is the least than any other mode of payment. Sometimes you also get to enjoy some cashback offers.


Whichever method you choose, just be clear on the procedure of making the payment. After a few incomplete transactions, you can’t try again for security issues. Keep the required information handy before starting the transaction process.



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