Interview Together with SK Whalen, Author Regarding Rooke’s Island – The particular Prophecy Associated with The Staring Eyes

Sue Whalen, grew up in a all-natural wilderness park in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her dad and mom, at that time were the caretakers of the park and ran a keep, a food concession, and a gift store for the 1000’s of website visitors who loved the park every year. A rainforest of large a single-hundred 12 months old Douglas-fir, hemlock, and crimson cedars, surrounded the family’s residence. Twin snowy mountain peaks, a deep canyon and a world renowned suspension bridge have been the look at from the photo window of their home. The cable suspension bridge swayed 20 stories previously mentioned the raging Lynn Creek. Sue beloved to hike the mountain trails, swim and fish in the creek. Reflecting again, Sue, says it was these early a long time that motivated her storytelling and adore of mother nature. Sue now life in Drop River, Nova Scotia, with her spouse Ken and her adult children and grandchildren dwell around by.

Miss out on Vickie, Sue’s granddaughter was the author’s helper. She was the spark and the ongoing mild of the tale. Miss Vickie was Sue’s relationship to the creativity of a youthful reader-most importantly, Miss Vickie experienced to like it, or it was re-created.

Tyler: Welcome, Sue I’m happy you and Miss Vickie could join me today. What a fantastic fantasy experience story you’ve written. To commence out, will you explain to us about the principal character, Margery Mutters?

Sue: Properly, Margery is a center-aged schoolteacher. The story starts with Margery residing in a home at the leading of Outdated Oak Hill in Canyon metropolis. She life by yourself, a quiet humdrum, boring life, genuinely. She loves mother nature and her yard a lot more than anything at all else. Margery is really an amazing lady, but that component is a magic formula she keeps beneath her hat, virtually, underneath her hat. One particular of Margery’s quirks is she often wears a hat on her head. As it happens, the hat becomes really critical-a small Noticed-Whet owl of only 4.five” substantial gets Margery’s continual companion and rides in the centerfolds of her hat.

Margery is a granola lady, a mixture of every thing, in no way the same. She often has substantial vitality, as properly as becoming a kind, and caring particular person. Nonetheless, typically her views and feelings don’t match her steps. Constantly the optimist by way of each obstacle and hazard, she never ever provides up and has faith that all will be properly. There is an inner toughness that retains her heading no make a difference how frightened she is, never does she present her fears on her confront. Often she acts or speaks prior to she thinks she turns into aggravated fairly very easily, judges men and women significantly also swiftly, stares at folks when she shouldn’t, and she often exhibits poor manners at the table. To top it off, she considers herself relatively a proper woman-you know the type, a teetotaler and tranquil tea sipper. She is a woman who knows appropriate manners and is aware the difference. Margery becomes humiliated, flustered, and places herself into a tizzy when her conscience wakes up and she realizes how impolite her steps are.

Tyler: Why did you feel this sort of a character as Margery, with the distinct strengths and weaknesses you have just pointed out, was appropriate or even entertaining for the plot of your novel?

Sue: Margery’s character is an daily believable girls, neither a magical individual, nor a tremendous star, nor a stereotype, or a cookie cutter character. Perhaps she is like a grandmother, a great aunt, or the particular person down the street. Why did it operate? Since the reader could identify with her, and be component of her magical journey. She isn’t dull, as even the smallest imperfection I have exaggerated. The younger child might chuckle at her, a teen may well enjoy her power, her fears and her doubts. More mature and even elderly people might see them selves.

The plot, the, situations, the owls, the scenes were often written initial in draft sort and then I would create in Margery. I identified her 3-dimensional character, her strengths, her flaws and her few ghastly behavior gave her much more depth. This made it easier for me to give her a broad range of fascinating conflicts and adventures exactly where the outcomes had been not predetermined and, not predicable. At the identical time I let Margery develop by means of the method of the novel just like a true experience.

Tyler: Who does Margery inherit the island from? What transpires that delivers her to Rooke’s Island?

Sue: She learns she has inherited an island from her lengthy lost uncle when a mysterious letter arrives underneath unusual conditions. Her daily life adjustments the second she touches the letter it truly is as if the letter grabs her, controls her and turns her total entire world upside down. Her journey to Rooke’s Island starts that moment.

Tyler: Just before she reaches the island, Margery stops in Alwyn’s Village in which she fulfills some fascinating individuals. Will you explain to us who they are?

Sue: The people of Alwyn’s Village are a comical cast including: the repulsive Sydney Snog, the chatty Gabriella (Gabbi) Mooley and her hideous Purple Inn. Of system there are the lazy very good-for-nothings Messrs Dicky Doolittle, Messrs Hector Dodge and we mustn’t fail to remember the macaroni and cheese coloured cat Mr. Dinky. There is a storekeeper, the best Peter Puddley, and the proprietors of Kettle’s Kafe, the carpenter Mugs Kettle and his at any time so beautiful gossipy fat wife Snippy Lippy.

Tyler: What do the folks of Alwyn’s Village feel about Rooke’s Island? Do they make Margery curious or nervous about heading there?

Sue: Tyler, for hundreds of a long time Margery’s reclusive uncle and wonderful uncles guard the island. With guns on their shoulders guaranteeing no trespasser action one foot on the island. The village men and women are just plain drained of the secrecy rumors and speculations run wild. On Margery’s journey to the island, she also has a insane old owl that has dropped his wits pursuing her and an owl totally manufactured of shells appearing in her dreams. With all this going on she is very anxious the worry of the unidentified presents her a continual belly ache. I have to say she is more curious than anxious and she pushes herself on to the island. The tale is written so you know her curiosity gained.

Tyler: Is Rooke’s Island magical and fully like yet another fantasy entire world, or does it nonetheless bear some similarity to the every day globe?

Sue: Rooke’s Island on the area looks like any other island in the actual entire world. The fantasy planet is deep beneath the island. The island is divided into a few stages called: the Upper Earth, Lower Earth and Internal Earth. The Upper Earth is the floor of the island residence of the earthling owls, the Reduce Earth the kingdom of the folklore owl, troll, fairy, elf, and gnomish owls. The Internal Earth is miles into the main deep into the heart of the island exactly where hundreds and hundreds of historical owls stay. The king of all the owls, his mate Queen of the Ocean, the hundreds of soldier owls the Ings, the hundreds of Indigos the owls that mild the earth. As well as the golden owl who retains the scroll, which is the prophecy for the foreseeable future of the owls.

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