Anti Ageing Svantess Others Common mistakes made during running with Weslo cadence r 5.2 treadmill.

Common mistakes made during running with Weslo cadence r 5.2 treadmill.


Many people want to jog to improve their health, but not everyone knows how to jog properly in the beginning. As far as we look at treadmill stores that sell Weslo cadence r 5.2 treadmill, we have drawn the common mistakes people make when approaching running. You can refer to the following article to gain experience for me during jogging.

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1. Purpose of running is not clear, comparing yourself with professional runners

Many people mistakenly think or don’t identify themselves with a certain goal when they start running. Your goals compared to those of professional runners are different so the intensity or duration cannot be the same. Comparing with professional runners or long runners not only causes trauma to you but also weakens your morale, especially for beginners. While inherently, you jog to improve health, to give yourself a cheerful spirit, so why are you creating yourself negative emotions by comparison? Professional runners are like you, so stay up and running. Professionals will often train themselves by running advanced exercises outdoors. Maybe in the early stages, you can choose to exercise on Weslo cadence r 5.2 treadmill, it might be easier for you.

2. Excessive exercise in the early stages

One of the common mistakes of beginners is not to exercise their strength but to exercise too much. The first phase is the period when your body is not yet accustomed to the intensity of exercise. When exercising with high intensity, it can lead to muscle aches, fatigue, etc. And this makes it easy for you to think about giving up only after 2-3 days.

That’s not correct! Find yourself a suitable exercise according to the schedule, raising the running time, running speed, the stage running through each stage. This measure is not only for running but also applies to many other sports. Coaches encourage beginners to increase the intensity to no more than 10% per week. The Weslo cadence r 5.2 treadmill can preset programs for you during the run, which helps you avoid overtraining and focus on performance during the run. You can also review your daily training routine.

3. There are no breaks

Do not forget that no matter how simple or intense the exercise, rest is essential for your body to recover and develop. Imagine and compare when you jog 5 days a week with enthusiasm and endurance compared to running all week but always feel tired and exhausted. Give your muscles that are active during a break and have time to develop.

4. Just run and jog

Note that jogging can only develop one muscle group, and only a few are trained but your body needs more than that. Like other sports, before starting the training process you need to have a warm-up exercise first to ensure all parts of the body are “wound up” and reduce the risk of injury.


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