Change Videos to iPod using the Cucusoft iPod Online video Ripping tools Software

In October 2005 Apple® Computers introduced the 1st iPod® capable of playing videos together with films. The particular small, lightweight MP3 player seemed to be not only capable regarding having actually thousands associated with songs in addition to audio documents, but it seemed to be ready of storing videos and videos to watch upon their small color monitor.

For several a few months top rated up to this june 2006 Christmas holiday season, it iPod® received an large quantity of media attention. It quickly became one associated with the most popular selling vacation gifts. Customers loved the original ipod touch because it presented them all the ability in order to carry their complete music series with them where ever they went in 1 small , and lightweight battery-powered system. Right now, it seemed these people would have the ability do the particular same with their film collections.

There was only one small problem. Unlike inside the tunes versions, Apple® did not include a good option to rip movies to play on the particular Video ipod device. Many people were frustrated when they got their fresh Video iPods®, but didn’t have got any video files that can be played on them.

Recognizing right now there would be a demand for a simple solution to this difficulty, a small software progress firm called Cucusoft Systems introduced its first iPod online video media converter software simply 2 or 3 weeks after the first Movie iPod® hit store shelf.

The software, identified as often the iPod Video Conversion application, was initially a fast good results. authorized customers to quickly in addition to easily convert virtually any film to play on their own Video clip iPod®. In supplement to switching movies, it also converted files consist of formats such as DivX, XVid, MOV, RM, RMVB, MPEG, WMV, AVI and others to the Online video media ipod touch structure.

Although other computer software corporations also unveiled similar iPod® Video ripping tools goods surrounding this time, Cucusoft’s product was one regarding the most popular due to its simplicity of use. The particular entire process only took a few minutes. Buyers simply decided to go with the report to convert, subsequently pressed the “convert” press button plus moments later a whole new report is ready to transfer into the Video iPod®.

Typically the Cucusoft iPod Video Ripping tools is economically priced at underneath $40. Consumers can certainly also get a free test of the product to guarantee this is capable connected with renovating the files they will need prior to they really pay for it.

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