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Best Dog Harness Reviews – Finding the Right Fit For Your Pup

Dog harnesses come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles and materials. Which one is best for your dog? The answer is dependent on many factors. Different breeds of dogs require different harnesses to give them comfort, fit, style and functionality. To narrow down the selection, we’ve done a quick overview of the main categories.

A. Front-clip dog harness reviews: This is perhaps the most common. It is very popular and comes in many different lengths. Most good-quality collars have a removable front clip that allows the owner to adjust it to fit their dog comfortably. Available in a variety of colors and styles.

B. Adjustable nylon dog collars: A nylon collar is considered one of the best harness options for small and medium sized dogs. Because it is stretchy, these are comfortable and also fit your pet perfectly as they grow.

C. Padded pet harnesses: These are great for pets who aren’t as active and/or who tend to perspire a lot. They are fully lined with extra padding so your pet will stay cool and dry. Most have a Velcro strap or buckle. Some even have reflective piping to alert you when your dog is wearing the harness. Dog Harness Reviews These are available in a variety of styles and colors.

D. Adjustable Strap or Waist Adjustable Strap review: If you want a more custom fit, try an adjustable waist or harness. These types have adjustable straps at the legs that can fit snugly around your pet’s lower abdomen. Once there, you can pull the leash through and adjust it to fit around your dog’s neck. The adjustable straps on most of these come in different lengths. Be sure to read the size instructions before purchasing.

E. Chest Harnesses: There are also pet harnesses that allow you to place your dog’s chest harness in front of the chest snaps (where the neck stops). This allows the dog to be able to breathe freely through the chest openings. These are usually a little more expensive than other kinds of collars and harnesses. Make sure you read the size instructions thoroughly to be sure the chest openings will fit your pup.

F. No-pull harness: Most pets don’t like wearing collars and harnesses that have a strong tug on the leash. For this reason, many pet owners have switched to no-pull harnesses. These kinds of harnesses are great for those who want to control their dog’s movement but do not want to get him/her tangled up in any cords or wires. If you are interested in these collars, be sure to read up on reviews first.

G. Leash Stays: Harnesses should always have a good leash to go with it. It is often difficult for some dogs to pull on leash especially if they have never been trained for this purpose. Some of the better harnesses on the market have a retractable leash which allow the leash to be held flat against the dog’s body while the harness is attached to the leash. These kinds of leashes are comfortable for both you and your pet and are much easier on the back and overall health of your dog.

H. Right Fit: As with most things in life, it’s all about getting the right fit. Just because a harness looks good on someone else, doesn’t mean it will look good on your dog. It is very important to get a harness that is going to be the right size and fit your dog. If you are having trouble finding the right fit, there are plenty of options available on the market to help you find the right fit. Dog harnesses come in different sizes so be sure to get one that is going to be large enough for your dog.

I. Collars And Leashes: The safety of your dog is paramount but that does not mean that you have to scrimp on the quality of your collars and leashes. Good harnesses will be made from materials that won’t chafe your dog’s neck or skin. These types of collars and leashes also come equipped with safety locking systems which prevent unnecessary choking.

J. Reviews: There are tons of dog harnesses on the market but how do you know which ones are going to work? You can read reviews of pet harnesses all over the place but if the pet product has not been reviewed by someone who has had experience with it, then chances are it won’t work. Many pet products don’t get much of a review until they are actually used. That is why it is important to read the reviews of dog harnesses before making a purchase. The right fit and proper fastening methods will make all the difference.

K. How Expensive Are They? As with any dog item, it’s important to first determine how expensive it would be for you and then consider how much it would cost for you to buy a dog chest harness. Most of the best dog harnesses on the market are quite pricey. The best idea is to take the money you would spend on a dog harness and put it toward a nice collar for your pooch. This will help keep him warm and out of danger while at the same time giving him many choices in style.

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